our challenge in the 21st century

How do we bring the truth of Jesus to people filled with skepticism and distracted by other priorities in life?

Last year, a study was released that found that in the UK, 26 people leave the church for every person that enters in. Many fear the U.S. is headed in a similar direction, as American churchlessness has risen by 31% in just the last decade. Curios Media is seeking to help reverse that trend.


The Success of Hinge

The story of Curios Media began in 2016 when atheist writer Cory Markum and pastor Drew Sokol had the idea to develop a narrative podcast together - Hinge - about doubt, identity, and the search for the real Jesus. In the process, they brought on brand developer Hill Salomon, actress Alex Scott, former Gimlet Media producer Ngofeen Mputubwele, screenwriter Jason Eaken,  and composer Ben Mason, among others, to deepen the storytelling and sharpen the quality of the podcast. After 18 months of work, Hinge quickly reached #1 in iTunes Religion/Spirituality and the Top 60 of iTunes podcasts, with dozens of campus ministers and church planters turning to it as their go-to evangelistic resource and thousands of unbelievers engaging in conversation about Jesus in a meaningful and in some cases, life changing, way. 

"I've listened to every episode eight times, returned to church, and started a Hinge discussion group!" - Jody, resident of Baltimore

"It's one of the best podcasts that I've ever heard." - Bethany Jenkins, Vice President at The Veritas Forum

"Binge listening to @hingepodcast all weekend....Amazing work...Thoughtful, timeless, important, surprising." - Jesse Eubanks, host of Love Thy Neighborhood

"Put an atheist and a pastor together with a mic. Good content on doubt and faith." - Tim Keller, NYTimes bestselling author

"If Serial and Unbelievable had a baby, and then that baby grew up to be a mature and interesting adult, it would be Hinge. I recommend!" - Christian apologist Amy Hall


the future of curios media

“If you want to change someone’s life for a day, tell them what to do.
If you want to change someone’s life, tell them a story.”

- NT Wright

Moving forward, the mission of Curios is to tell stories that change the conversation. Hinge was the beginning of that vision. Now, Curios will go further into secular space. Through intimate, purposeful, and investigative storytelling, Curios' team will launch podcasts on the most gripping questions of our cultural moment: How should we live in an rapidly-paced digital world? Is there any hope for political dialogue? What’s the future of love and marriage? Is science really all we need - or are there bigger answers out there?

But more than anything, those questions are pathways - opportunities to go deeper into the biggest questions in life - to evaluate our deepest held assumptions about the world and our purpose in it - and for the Christian worldview to shine through it. To accomplish that purpose, Curios Media is launching three initiatives:

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 10.05.01 AM.png

Room for doubt

How do I follow a God I’m not sure is real? Does traditional faith in that God make sense in a progressing world? Former pastor Drew Sokol will navigate faith, doubt, and the questions we feel unsafe to ask. He’ll do that through intimate, penetrating conversations with people from all over the spectrum, and through a series called “How Did We Get Here?”, about the surprising emergence of Christianity out of the thick of human history. Room for Doubt will be introduced as its own podcast to the 25k+ Hinge audience.

Release Date: November 2018


more or less human

The Curios team is partnering with people in the technology world and turning its attention to a burning question on everyone's mind: How we are being reshaped by our technologies? With episodes spanning topics such as attention, intelligence, relationships, and work, Curios' unique approach will blend story, philosophy, and science to push past the timely questions about how we’re changing in order to arrive at the timeless questions of who we are and who we want to be. The answers of different worldviews, from Christian to secular, will be processed and compared.

*A team of 3 producers and 1 PT audio engineer is being assembled.

Release Date: Fall 2019


for better or for worse

There's no topic that grips our hearts quite like love. And yet we all live in a disconnect between the cultural messaging that romantic love is all we need and the disappointment most of us experience. What should be the future of love? Curios will intimately track with couples struggling to build or recover their marriages and singles navigating the dating world, as well as speak with many marriage and romance experts, all towards opening up real, vulnerable conversation and attempt to define what love should look like in the 21st century. The Christian answer of 'agape', Christ-like love will be one of several analyzed and compared through the short series.

*Potential 2019 initiative. If pursued, a team of 2 producers and 1 PT audio engineer will be assembled.


will you help make this vision a reality?

This is only the beginning of Curios' future. Story-driven podcasts on politics, miracles, and social justice are planned for the future as well. 

Will you help us get there by partnering with us as a monthly supporter or as a one-time giver? 

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