A podcast about faith, doubt, and the questions we feel unsafe to ask

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Former drew sokol seeks answers to the questions we feel unsafe to ask

Drew is a former pastor who, in 2018, found himself overwhelmed by the polarization within the American church. With conservatives determined to protect the faith, progressives wanting to reimagine it, and mainstream culture moving away from it, Drew finds himself in the middle. So in June 2018, he stepped down from his church in Manhattan and is now carrying his own private wrestling in to public conversation about faith and doubt, seeking answers to questions like:

  • “Does traditional faith still make sense in a progressing world?”

  • “What’s God’s real intent for sexuality and marriage?”

  • “How do I follow a God I’m not always sure is real?”





Room for Doubt is part of a 501(c)(3). The second podcast of Curios Media, the vision of Room for Doubt is to provide a rich, compelling, and safe outlet for people all along the continuum of faith, for years to come. That vision can become a reality through the generosity of people like you. Support Room for Doubt operations by partnering as a monthly supporter or as a one-time giver. All donations are tax-deductible.



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